Cricket is too smart...

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Do you have a really intelligent dog? I do.

Do you worry that your smart pup has ruined you for other dogs? I do.

Are you concerned that your next dog will be dumb and you'll secretly compare her to your last dog? I am.

These are things that I really think about. 

Cricket is probably the smartest dog I've owned. She knows the names of all her toys. She understands a ton of words and commands. We've had to shorten and/ or change words in order to trick her (e.g. "squirrel" became "S.Q."), but she eventually figures out our subterfuge. Cricket has also figured out certain patterns (e.g. filling the water jug by the sink means we're going outside to water the birds, but filling the glass by the sink means fresh water for her dog dish) that impress me to no end.

I'm hoping that my next dog is at least of average intelligence. Tell me about your dog below. Is your doggo a smarty pants or a pet rock? 

Cricket dog cute


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