"Jaws 2" made me want to go sailing...

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Jaws 2 just celebrated its 40th anniversary, so I thought I'd write about my favorite (second favorite?) movie in the Jaws franchise. Honestly, I'm not sure which is my absolute favorite. 

I first watched Jaws 2 when I was 11. That was when my parents thought I was old enough to start watching horror movies. I had seen the VHS tapes at the Meijer video rental center for years and I pestered my parents about renting them every single time we were in there. I found the covers to be absolutely captivating. 

jaws 2 shark water ski movie case

I'm still a sucker for those movie covers. Even now I can remember staring at them in the store. I was a kid who was already very obsessed with sharks and when my parents finally gave in and rented them for me I was hooked.

I made friends watch the movies (multiple times), I used most of my "spending money" [Did anyone else have a grandma who called it that when she gave you money to use on a vacation?] and my piggy bank savings on Jaws stuff at Universal Studios, and I remember drawing sharks in my middle school art class.

My tiny "review"

As much as I believe that not seeing the shark right away in Jaws was a good idea, I do love that Jaws 2 does the opposite and gives you some awesome views of the shark almost immediately. And how fun are the sailing scenes? The kids actually took sailing lessons and you can tell they're having a blast. I knew right from my first viewing that "Tina's Joy" (a catboat) was the kind of sailboat I wanted. Once you saw the shark rip through a catamaran and shove aside the sailboat that was on floats, you knew those boats were probably bad choices. 

Compared with Jaws, the death count in Jaws 2 is much higher and the death scenes are more disturbing. Eddie's death is probably the most unsettling. 

I think the movie holds up today, especially on Blu-ray. The underwater scenes look great, the dialogue isn't too outdated (but honestly, I really enjoy outdated slang) and the acting is pretty good. Roy Scheider, Lorraine Gary and Murray Hamilton are definitely the standouts, but that being said, they were pretty seasoned actors by 1978.

Rating 5 / 5

In conclusion, sailing is still on my bucket list. In the meantime, I've been inspired to create several Jaws 2 themed pieces. They're currently hanging in my Shark Gallery.   


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