Something is eating my plants!

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Mr. Panda and I went to a local greenhouse a few weeks ago. We bought a tomato plant, two strawberry plants, lots of flowers (including my first rose bush), some herbs, and a variety of sedum plants.

trunk full of plants

tomato plant car

We took everything home, planted all of our stuff within 24 hours and were so proud that we got an earlier start this year with our plantings.

strawberry plant

rose bush

Then the massacre happened. We took a tour of our yard and noticed that something had bitten off the sedum flowers, leaving sad stalks. Then we noticed that all the buds on the rose bush had also been nipped off. Our poor strawberries had started ripening and all of the ripe, red parts had bites taken out of them. And when we got to our herbs, the Thai basil had been left alone while the rosemary and sweet basil had been beheaded and left in the dirt! 

rosemary sweet basil herbs 

I know that we have at least one rabbit, three different tree squirrels (black, red and fox) and many striped ground squirrels that frequent our yard. Who knows what else is out there! I need a way to stop whatever it is that's eating my stuff to just stop! Any suggestions are appreciated.

Today, I eyed the new strawberries and I just couldn't take any chances with this little guy. 

small strawberry in hand

Even though the strawberry was super tiny and could have grown more, I picked it and split it with Mr. Panda. It was delicious! Cricket was jealous, but too bad for her!  

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  • Maybe it’s a deer, or multiple deer eating your plants. You could plant something like lavender if you want to deter deer.

    Margaret on

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