Vacationing in the mountains (Part 1)

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Mr. Panda and I just got back from a vacation in North Carolina. It was one of those trips where a lot went wrong, but maybe it will make the vacation more memorable overall. This first part will be just a few of the photos I took. (Don't worry, I won't post the thousands I took over the entire course of the trip. Trust me when I say that I have more than 2,000 to look through!) 

Kentucky Natural Arch

(Kentucky Natural Arch)

We started our vacation in Kentucky and then drove through Tennessee to North Carolina.

Panacea Coffee Iced

(Panacea Coffee Co.)

Cat on table

(Cat mascot @ Panacea)

One of our favorite places in North Carolina is Panacea Coffee Co. in Waynesville. We go multiple times in a trip. The coffee is great and they have a very friendly cat who doesn't care if you're allergic...

cat on lap relaxing

We stayed in Waynesville (the same place we stayed at a couple of years ago) and this new Greenway was just a few minutes from our house.

river walk waynesville

owl wood carving

tree riverwalk

That's all for today. I'll work on Part 2, which will be more photos, and have it up next Monday. Any questions or comments? Leave them below!


  • Beautiful pictures! I hope Cricket doesn’t find out that not only did you not take her with you, but you were hanging out with a cat.

    Margaret on

  • Beautiful pictures! Looking forward to hearing more about the adventure!

    Juli on

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