What can you do with a needle and thread?

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What do you do with a needle and thread? I used to be able to sew on buttons in a very basic (and let's face it, probably a weird method that only I used) way and that was pretty much it. I could also do cross stitch, but you already knew that if you read my last blog post. 

Now, I can...

dog fix toys pants silly

What things do use a threaded needle for? Or do you stay as far away as possible? Tell me in the comments.


  • I have a stack of work shirts that need attention, but I’m too lazy. I just buy new shirts! :-D And by the way, the three of us could start a cross stitch themed sewing circle…

    erin on

  • Yes, I too used to do lots of cross stitch. I recently discovered an app where I can do “cross stitch” on my tablet. It’s strangely addictive, so I am actively trying to ween myself from that. I mostly just hand sew the holes in my work shirt armpits now, and the occasional button.

    Margaret on

  • I used to do lots of counted cross stitch too! Now the only time I pick up needle and thread is for button fixing….if I find the button in the washing machine!!

    Juli on

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