"Scrapwork" Stitches

I've recently started creating what I call "Scrapwork" pieces. Currently, my plans are to keep these one-of-a-kind and thematic. This process is so fulfilling and stimulating for me and it allows me to incorporate collage into my work. I've always been a huge fan of collages. I even collaged my bedroom walls and ceiling when I was a teenager! Don't ask me what that did to the paint when I finally took everything down. :-D

If you want a customized "Scrapwork" piece (or even a set), contact me and we can start discussing it! 

If you have fabric that you wish to send me to use in your piece, we can discuss that as well. 

"Tropical Chill" Embroidery Set
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"Be Free" Embroidery Set
Regular price $85.00