Hiya! I'm erin. I'm the idea person, the artist, the maker-of-the-things, and the decider-of-the-things. [ALL THE THINGS!] Cricket is my dog and I let her think she's the CEO at Seagull Stitches. 

erin and cricket dog

Random Likes:

Animals (even the "weird" ones -- sharks, bats and snakes)

Books (Anything by Stephen King or Evan Hunter)

Old horror movies (think Halloween and The Omen, etc.)

Pizza (of course!)


Random Dislikes:

Southbound traffic (weird, I know!)

Popcorn and watermelon (seriously!)

Bed sheets tucked in at the end!

Large crowds (I avoid parades and festivals whenever possible)

The sun (I might be a vampire) 


I've always been a random, silly and creative person.

Told ya! What fashion sense! 

I've lived in Michigan (never more than 3 miles from the shores of Lake Michigan) my entire life. I would classify my childhood as very happy. I think this has affected my art and explains why I make things that are cute, silly and sometimes beach themed. My parents instilled in me a great respect for animals and the environment. I'm an obsessive photographer and I love to read. At one point I was going to be a writer, but recent years have seen me pursuing art instead. One of the driving factors is the instant gratification of making a piece of art. It's takes me much longer to write a novel or novella and the distribution is much more difficult. Social media has spoiled me with instant photo sharing. 

Much of my work is inspired by nature, my love of the horror genre, animals, anthropomorphism (I attribute this to watching "The Brave Little Toaster") and the absurd. I'm into creating minimal designs with pops of color and collage type pieces. You'll find lots of black and red running through my artwork. 

If you want to find out more about me and my process, I have a weekly blog with posts that are short and easily digestible. This is where I tell fun little stories, share photos and other randomness. Check it out here: https://seagullstitches.com/blogs/blog 

The reason for Seagull Stitches:

I wasn't an embroidery artist when I started Seagull Stitches. I know that's weird, but hear me out. When I was a kid, my mom taught me counted cross-stitch. I loved it, but gave it up when I got older. A couple of years ago I ran across some hand embroidery. I realized that this medium allowed you to stitch your own drawings! I was so keen to start that I ran out and bought some supplies. I was able to use my former knowledge of cross stitch to just wing it. The first two things I made? Little seagulls flying and a small shark fin. 

I had just started posting my art on social media when I was contacted by beauty vlogger, Mallory Cornelison. She wanted to know if I had a shop and it pushed me to create one. I owe her a great deal of thanks. She commissioned a middle finger piece from me (you can see it hanging in the background of some of her older videos) and she hosted a giveaway of one of my pieces on her YouTube channel. Obviously the giveaway is closed now, but you can hear Mallory talk about Seagull Stitches here: https://youtu.be/UTAAVZIk1W4?t=2m36s   And I'll just say to all of you, subscribe to her! Her videos are so fun and she's such a sweetheart.


If you want to be friends now that you know some stuff about me, you can find me on Instagram and Facebook. You can also email me if you want to chat about horror movies or commission something. And you can sign up to my mailing list if you want to get exclusive discounts, news updates (like if I ever get around to selling at a craft fair), find out about product launches, etc. 

I hope to see you around!

♥ erin