Custom Orders

If you're interested in a custom order, let me tell you a little bit about how the process works. 

Step 1:

Contact me with your idea. There's a Contact Form somewhere on the left side of your screen. (You can also skip the form and email me directly:

Example 1: "Hi! I wondered if you could make me a piece based on the symbols of the South Carolina flag."

Example 2: "Hey! Would you be able to make a unicorn eating fish bones and have it hanging out on top of a school bus with a yak?"

Step 2:

I'll write you back and let you know if it's something I can do, or ask you for more information if I'm not certain that I'm able to.

Example 1: Sure! I just looked up the flag. I can find a great blue fabric for that and I can definitely make an awesome palm tree and moon!

Example 2: Sounds interesting! Does the unicorn need a fork and knife?

Step 3:

I'll make one or two sketches of what my interpretation of your request is and send it to you.

Step 4:

You either give me the "go ahead" or we discuss some more. Once we reach a consensus, you'll make a down payment of $25 that will go toward the total cost and I'll start making a finalized sketch, transfer it to the material and begin the actual stitching process! At this time we can discuss if you want a payment cap put on the piece. I charge hourly and can give you revised ideas if you want to stay within a certain price bracket. 

Step 5:

I'll contact you when I finish and will send you a photo for approval. You'll finalize your payment and I'll prepare the piece by backing it, signing it and packing it up for shipping. 


Examples of some of my custom orders:


south carolina flag

crawdad shrimp

 What will your custom piece of art look like? Let's find out together!