Pet Commissions

Coming soon! 

True story: I have been worried about my dog's death for years. Cricket is only 8 right now, but I know that I only have a certain number of remaining years with her. As much as I don't want to think about it, I know what's coming.

I had a dog, Comet, who was everything to me. She lived to be almost 15 years old, but her death still absolutely devastated me. I couldn't even be around dogs for a year. It made me uncomfortable and just really sad. Even all these years later I miss Comet all the time.

comet my dog memorial

What does this mean? I've been inspired to start working on pet pieces. I want to do memorial pieces and portraits with my own spin. I've got some in the early sketching stages, but I also have a few pet themed pieces already in the shop. If you're like me, these pieces/portraits will help preserve your memories of your current pet or a pet that you no longer have in your life.

I'm doing these because I have such nostalgia and loss within me and I find that art helps. If you're at all interested, watch this space or sign up to my mailing list as I'll be announcing things there.    

cricket pet portrait