Spooky Critters

Get out a pen and take my spooky quiz to find out how I should draw your dog. Obviously, this quiz is just a fun guide. I can make your dog into any of the 7 creatures listed below. I can also make a normal portrait and add a spooky prop if you prefer. If you have a different type of pet (i.e. fish, snake, cat, llama, etc.) get in touch with me. Some pets are better suited to certain types of Spooky Critters.

 [Please don't repost this quiz without permission.]


Spooky Critters Quiz

1. Bite:

a. sharp little nips

b. bites off strategic body parts according to recipes

c. fiery bites that sear flesh

d. little bites that give you electric shocks

e. your pet latches on and sucks your blood

f. rips flesh ravenously

g. swallows you whole

2. Bark:

a. ultrasonic

b. a cackle

c. doesn't bark, but has super hot breath

d. grunts and grumbles

e. frenzied, short bursts

f. loud and moan-like

g. silent and deadly

3. Movement:

a. runs everywhere at high speed

b. rides a broom and won't walk

c. hot to trot

d. slow and plodding

e. normal dog walk

f. stumbles along on hind legs

g. swims and never walks

4. Favorite Food:

a. insects

b. newts and bats

c. any charred flesh

d. villagers

e. blood

f. brains

g. fish

5. Favorite Accessory:

a. hearing aid

b. broom

c. pitchfork

d. lightbulb

e. cape

f. bronzer

g. rubber duck

6. Sleep Position:

a. upside down

b. curled up in a cauldron

c. burrowed in a heated bed

d. upright

e. flat on back in coffin

f. slumped over anywhere

g. never sleeps; always moving



Mostly A's: Your pet is a bat.

Mostly B's: Your pet is a witch.

Mostly C's: Your pet is a devil. 

Mostly D's: Your pet is Frankenstein's Monster

Mostly E's: Your pet is a vampire. 

Mostly F's: Your pet is a zombie. 

Mostly G's: Your pet is a shark.