Taking a good pet photo

If you're going to order a pet portrait, you'll need to send me some photos of your pet. Here are some tips to help you take a good reference photo. 

I look for unique features, the color and pattern of your pet's fur (or skin), and facial expression. It's best to choose the portrait you want and pose your pet in that position. This allows me to see what parts of your pet are visible in that pose as well as where markings are located.

Keep in mind that if the photo you choose doesn't show your pet's tail and you see a tail in the drawing, you'll need to send me another photo that does show the tail. 

[Example: This would be a good photo to send me if you want your pet drawn as a shark. But you'd also want to send one that includes the entire tail.]

Basically, look at the drawing you want and give me as much photographic information as possible to recreate that drawing for your pet.

Photos will look best if you get on the same level as your pet. Most of my drawings require your pet to sit and face the camera. I recommend kneeling in front of your subject while holding something they're interested in. You could also enlist someone to stand behind you with a treat or toy.  

Try to use natural light instead of a flash. It will help me see what shading I'd like to use. 

You can also send me cute photos that show your pet's personality because who doesn't love cute animal photos? And don't forget to tell me your pet's name as well as any other little tidbit you'd like to share! I like to know who I'm drawing. :)